Thursday, June 2, 2011

The So-So Bones

This novel is about a young girl (Susie) whose ghost stays with her family after she suffers a horrible rape and death.  It follows the family and how they deal with the loss of their daughter/sister as well as touches on the life of the murderer. 
I have to say I was a little disappointed in the writing on this because the plot was AMAZING.  I was a little distracted by some of the descriptions that were used...and I kept asking myself why the author chose to describe everyone's eyes...over and over again.  And what do "ferocious olives" look like exactly?  I've been to Publix and seen their olive bar...and I am still confused because none of them looked particularly angry.  Anyway...the story was a good one and I was dealing with the so-so writing...up until the end.  I did NOT like it at all.  The fact that she (SPOILER ALERT) uses this girls body to have sex with her boyfriend, when up to that point she hadn't even really mentioned having sex with him (only kissing) did not fit the overall storyline of the book.  Everything up until that point was fairly believable and I felt like this particular scene was over done.  I also didn't understand how sometimes Susie had the power to be seen or touch stuff and then sometimes she didn't.  The rules weren't "explained" very well about this sort of thing, and I think it would have been useful information. 
This was not a horrible book, by far.  It had a great was just a little poorly executed.

Rating: 3

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