Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jen Lancaster and me go way back!

I received this book from one of my best friends who decided it would be nice to get me an AUTOGRAPHED copy just because she loves me! 

I have to say that this book was exactly what I thought it would be and exactly what I needed it to be after reading some seriously heavy books.  Jen Lancaster broke away from her typical memoir style writing to publish a "fiction" novel.  Lets face it, the main character, Mia, was very much like Jen Lancaster and she went through things only Jen could go through.  It made for some pretty hilarious reading and I finished it in about a day.  It was a simple, quick, easy to follow book about this couple who decide to buy a house after having an AWFUL experience with their "landlord"--a no talent, Paris Hilton-esque character who has no idea what a landlord is (which is funny in itself).  Anyway- finding their perfect house wasn't easy, so Mia decides she HAS to live in a Jack Ryan house that the movie Sixteen Candles was filmed in, just because of that fact.  It was remniscent of the movie The Money Pit with how many horrible things were wrong with this house and how much money they had to go through to get it livable.  There were a TON of references to Sixteen Candles and HGTV and if you hadn't seen that movie, or watched much HGTV, you may get a little lost on some of the references.  However, that being said, I loved it and would recommend to anyone who is a Jen Lancaster fan from way back!

Rating: 5

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