Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Amazing Adventures of Thomas and Erin

I received this book free from John Vassey. 
As a children's story, this book doesn't offer anything new and exciting to the genre.  I feel as though the character illustrations are a little scary, unfortunately, and I don't think that they would sit well with little children, my daughter included.  They are so non-colorful against a very colorful background, which makes them stand out seperately, giving it an odd effect. 

What bothers me is the "AMAZING" part.  The adventures, although cute and fun, were not amazing.  If they had encountered something odd along the way, it would have added more to the story.  Perhaps if they had found something exciting in the road, like a turtle or a stray puppy...or a man selling a ton of balloons, it would have been more interesting.  It could have gone so many other wonderful places rather than "the market was closed so we walked down the street and played with our friends."  It was cute, don't get me wrong, but it was far from amazing.

I do love the font and the background illustrations used in the novel. The story just seemed a little rushed, in my opinion.

Rating: 2

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