Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Poisoned House will freak your freak!

I received this free through NetGalley.

This was a simple and heart-thumping novel. I honestly couldn't put the book down from beginning to end and read it in one sitting. (I was literally walking up and down the hall with the Kindle.  You can imagine that Audrey wasn't thrilled and kept trying to get my attention!)

I fell in love with Abi and completely feel sorry for the way she's being mistreated. I have to say, I kind of saw the ending coming but that didn't make it any less powerful...I've just learned to anticipate some of the twists and turns. I love the way it worked out for her at the end and I'm so glad that she was able to get the last word. The appearance of her mother completely freaked me out to the point where I had to leave a little night light on. Yes, I'm a lightweight when it comes to thrillers but angry ghosts make me crazy! And I also love the way the author incorporated something found in history with a little paranormal!  There were not a bunch of details or character development, but honestly, it worked very well that way because you knew what you had to know about them...you always knew enough.

Good writing...not a whole lot of awkward points or negatives that really stood out or detracted from the story.  I love books like this.

Rating: 4 (but only because I figured out the ending too soon)

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