About Me

My name is Katie. I have been married for over ten years to my husband and we have a three year old daughter who has completely rocked our world, and I can't imagine my life being anything without her in it. I live in Nashville where I work at a private institute in the financial aid department. I graduated with a degree in Psychology, with Criminal Justice and English minors. I have Tourette's Syndrome and am living every day trying to overcome obstacles...and it keeps me on my toes. I have realized that I am just human...and I'm okay with that!
I started this blog as a way to do something new for a change.  I loved reading as a child and had stopped for a long time.  At some point last year, I decided that I was so sick of TV and not doing anything productive, I took a few recommendations from friends, and here we are!  I enjoy my reading and I enjoy writing reviews (even if they aren't any good).  I figure at some point, I will get decent at it.  It's a cathartic process.  
I hope you linger and enjoy!