Monday, September 12, 2011

The Black Stiletto by Raymond Benson

I received this from the author, autographed and hardcover (thank you!!!).   I loved the cover of's gorgeous.

Rating: 4

I actually really like the book and the premise behind it. The idea that this old lady, riddled with Alzheimer's could be someone as notorious as the Black Stiletto...WOW! I love the way this book was written and typically I don't like the switching back and forth between past and present but in this case, it still flowed well.  I love the fact that there is a woman bad-a$$ character...because there aren't many books with "comic book" females that are awesome--fighting crimes and mob bosses.  WOO HOO!

The ONLY thing I couldn't get past, that in my opinion, is a little far fetched is the fact that when I write a journal entry, I don't quote I have a hard time believing that a journal would be written this way as to incorporate quotations from a couple years prior. My memory is not that good but I'm sure other people DO write journals like this, I just don't see a lot of them.

I also hated that the author doesn't get into what ever came of the son's father. Who was he? I hope that there is a second part of this with more action as well as a little more backstory. I also didn't like the way the main character lost his job--I feel like it was rushed through and didn't become a part of the story/explanation, as I feel the author had intended it to be!
Overall, fantastic start--needs at least a couple other books to wrap up a few things.  Good job!

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  1. I loved this book from beginning to end and it made me wish I was as strong as Judy was. I recommend this to anyone who has a love for action heroes and adventure stories.