Friday, April 22, 2011

Grave Echoes

I received this book as a Goodreads First Reads giveaway--autographed by the author (Thanks, Erin!!!).
A web of mystery, twists and turns, black magic, suspicion, family values...this book has it all.
When Kate's sister, Jev dies in a horrific car accident, (after Kate envisioned the accident in a narcoleptic episode) Kate learns a lot more about her sister than she ever wanted to. Being a witch, Jev kept her secret use of spells and charms from her family. What happens next turns Kate's world upside down. Investigation of the murder, finding out deep and dark secrets about a coven, Jev's friend being hurt, the killer--coming after her...Kate has to learn who to trust in her world, and she finds it's not an easy decision.

I loved this book because it had enough twists and information to keep me interested until the very last page. I was always second guessing who I thought was Jev's murderer and it didn't take long into the book before the action started happening.

I also liked how it brought to attention how easy it is to let your emotions make your decisions for you. When something bad happens, you suspect everyone around you, which is what Kate did. It was nice to see her develop as a character and try to figure stuff out on her own, not that she had a choice. The writing was good.  It was easy to follow and didn't jump around so much that I couldn't stay interested. Overall, very easy to read and kept me wanting to read.

Rating: 5

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