Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Girl with alot of Tattoos...and hacking skillz

I started this book on recommendation of a few of my colleagues and I have to say I couldn't put it down.  The book is kind of seperated into two parts (which are tied into the main characters).  In one story line,  a financial reporter named Mikael gets sentenced to jail for libel comments (and possibly very true) against a big corporation.  Afterwards the story takes us through his journey and how he plans to get even with the owneer.  On the other story line, Mikael is offered a job to solve a murder that happened 40 years ago and calls in the assistance of a hacker/deviant/awesome girl named Lisbeth.  (loving the name too!)

I didn't know really what to expect out of this novel and I definitely did not expect for the outcome to be the way it was--sorry folks, I'm trying not to give out spoilers here.  So of course, I finished the book quickly because I loved the way it was written and how easily it flowed between the two situations.  I thought it would take me forever to finish and it ended up being a very interesting read in a very short time.

My only dislike was how casually Mikael had sex with 3 women during the course of the just didn't seem right, and it ended up hurting feelings.  I don't know...I guess I'm old fashioned like that. 
I was going to break up the series a bit by reading another book inbetween, but I think I've decided that I will stick with this until the bitter end!

Rating: 4 1/2 (I'm taking off the half because the guy is a playa!)

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  1. I'm dying for you to finish these so you can start The Name of the Wind!