Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vicious, vicious man!

I read this book by Erik Larson last week on the recommendation of the Nesties.  I have to say overall, the book was very enjoyable.
(SPOILER ALERT:  Basically the novel is regarding how Chicago acquired the World's Fair in the late 1800s.  During that time, crime in Chicago was extremely high and the police force were enept at dealing with all of the issues.  This being said, a gentleman by the name of H.H. Holmes was able to get away with brutally torturing and murdering several young women. )

Most of the book regarded the fair construction, set up, approvals, etc.  I have to say that these parts dragged on (escrutiatingly so at some points).  However, it was interesting to find out how much they had to go through for it to become a reality, especially given the "bad rep" Chicago had at the time.  I also found it interesting how they designed the first ferris wheel.  The rest of the book was incredibly intense and gripping.  Seeing how unbelieveably callous and calculating Holmes was throughout was terrifying.  He showed no remorse or emotion during his trial or during the killings. 

Even though the fair parts dragged on and was so detailed that I had to skim a few pages here and there, I honestly enjoyed the book's overall feel.  I do feel like sometimes the two different "sections" weren't tied together like I wanted it to be, but it was still an interesting read and it was nice to get some history lessons in the process. 

Rating: 4
The rest of me...
So this weekend marked a very big time for me.  We are officially Nashvillians.  I turned in my keys in Chattanooga and said goodbye to our little townhome.  It was bittersweet, honestly, and I'm hoping someday to make Chattanooga my home again.  That being said, it really does take a load off because now I can go there for pleasure instead of having to go every other weekend to clean or pack or move.  It's like a huge weight being lifted off of my shoulders.  SO that being said, my diet started again.  Just drinking water and watching portions and snacking.  The only thing I'm really trying not to stress right now are car problems--and whatever needs to be done will be done, I know--so I'm not going to worry...right? :)

BTW, that Philadelphia cooking cream is phenomenal.  I probably shouldn't be eating that on my diet but I cooked with it last night and it was yummy.  I just had a little bit. =)

Now off to work...

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