Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Loose Gravel by David Holmes

** spoiler alert ** I am sure you can get a synopsis from Amazon, so I will spare you...but here's the thing. I wasn't incredibly impressed with this book. I am not a prude by any means, but some of the language and situations in this book were cringe-worthy. I think the best way to do this is to start listing the things that stood out to me as being unrealistic or bothersome.

1. The detective had NO resolve for his physical appearance. There is no way that a person like that would be allowed to work as a detective. At some point, you would think that someone would put him on leave or something until he got that straightened out...or perhaps even recommended counseling or therapy to get through all the baggage he was carrying around. I get that his past was awful and horrible, but it seemed like his problems stemmed from more than that and someone from the team (even though he was disgusting and hard to get along with) would have stepped up and made him get help.
2. I HATED "Yo Yo" Brown. A cop that is also a prostitute? Really? And she wasn't fired or let go...last time I checked prostitution was illegal.  And her mouth and the fact that she jumped into the shower the FIRST DAY she met Harold to clean him was a little unrealistic.  I understand that she had the mind of a prostitute and it didn't bother her, but this was her career on the line.  Her language was HEINOUS too. 
3. The thought that Harold based all his theories and was driven by a woman's shaved vagina had me rolling my eyes. Seriously...you think she's innocent because she shaves her private parts? Who are these people??
4. The sex between mother and daughter made me shutter...seriously...that's gross...and I know some people are sick like that...so it's not far fetched, and I am SO glad that he didn't go into too many details on this part, but it was still sickening.
5. The constant switching of the name Amy/Amanda in the same paragraph...choose one and stick with it because it's confusing.
6. I think there were two many twists and turns to make sense. I am certain that Mr. Holmes has the potential to be a great writer...but this book was not one of my favorites, by far. I just couldn't get into the characters enough to care what happened to them.

I HATE writing bad reviews but this book had my head spinning because I saw so much more than this when I read the synopsis. I am so sorry. I was not impressed.

Rating: 2 (and I'm being generous)

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  1. Even Grrrm hasn't stooped to mother-daughter sex (yet). That's pretty low. Don't think I'll be checking this one out!